The Easiest Punch Bowl Margarita Ever!

This is how I make my punch bowl margaritas!

πŸ‹Β  1.5 cups tequila
πŸ‹Β  3/4 cup lime juice
πŸ‹Β  3/4 cup lemon juice
πŸ‹Β  1.25 litres of lemonade (I use sugar-free because I can’t taste the difference)
πŸ‹Β  1 lemon thinly sliced and quartered
πŸ‹Β  1 lime thinly sliced and quartered
πŸ‹Β  As much ice as you want

Pop into a beautiful punch bowl and show your guests just how dang sophisticated you are! ✨

P.s. taste for flavour and add less or more of whatever it needs!

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